We have witnessed the establishment and growth of some of the best technical colleges in Kenya in recent years. The technical colleges have provided opportunities for high school leavers to earn a higher education by studying technical courses.

Technical colleges provide a much needed bridge between high school education and the ability to forge a career through the acquisition of technical skills and knowledge. Technical colleges are intended to provide quality training to individuals who may not have scored high enough grades to join the university.

Currently, technical colleges can be found in almost all towns around the country. That said, we cannot stress enough on the importance of choosing an accredited technical college to ensure that you get quality technical skills.

Below is a list of some of the best technical colleges in Kenya.

1.    KIPS College

The Kenya Institute of Professional Studies (KIPS) stands tall as one of the best technical colleges offering a wide variety of courses. Courses offered start at the bridging level to certificate courses and all the way up to diplomas and higher diplomas.

Courses offered at KIPS include Advanced diplomas in Accounting, Business Studies and Networking. It also offers diplomas in Banking, Business Studies, Computer Engineering, Catering and Hotel Management, and Project Management. Certificate courses at KIPS include Human Resource Management, HIV/AIDS Management, and Public Accountant Course (CPA).

KIPs has produced a large number of graduates that have gone ahead to create high flying careers. Besides, the college provides a solid background for students who want to go ahead and join undergraduate and Master’s degree programs in other institutions.

2.    Nairobi Technical Institute

Located in the country’s capital center, this technical institute has stood the test of time to remain one of the best in the country. Nairobi Technical Institute has maintained its standard as it offers a wide selection of certificate and diploma courses.

Some of the courses offered here include Certificate in Hair Dressing, Fashion Design and Beauty Therapy. Diploma courses include Food and Beverage Management, Automotive Engineering and Business Administration.

3.    Thika Technical Training Institute

The Thika Training Institute offers over 50 certificate and diploma courses including entrepreneurship and vocational training. Over the years, the institute has tailored its courses to meet the emerging demands for various skills and knowledge in the marketplace.

Students at the institute can choose any area of study from Information Communication (ICT) to Library Studies, Civil Engineering, Business Administration, Community Development and Social Work, and Pharmaceutical Technology.

4.    Mombasa Technical Training Institute (MTTI).

MTTI serves the Coastal region of Kenya and offers a wide range of vocational and technical courses. Students get the opportunity to explore diverse career paths from Carpentry to Vehicle mechanics and Electronics.

The institute also offers courses in Accounting, Information Technology, Secretarial Studies, Supplies and Purchasing, and Personnel Management. With over 40 certificate and diploma courses, MTTI continues to provide immense opportunities to thousands of students every year.

5.    Karen technical Training Institute for the Deaf

The institute was established to specifically cater for deaf students and give them a fair chance at getting a higher education after high school.

Students can explore various courses from Information Technology to Hair & Beauty, and Agriculture. The institute also offers Automotive Engineering, Communication & Sign Language, Business Studies & Entrepreneurship, carpentry and Joinery, and Building and Construction.


There are an overwhelming number of technical colleges in Kenya, which offer an inexhaustible number of courses at certificate and diploma levels. Besides accreditation, choosing a technical college also depends on the student’s location and the specific courses they want to take. There is no doubt that joining a technical institution today is a sure path to success in virtually any field. If you are looking for an ideal institution, choose one these 5 best technical colleges in Kenya and you will be well on your way to significant career success.