Principal Message



The Kenyan government through the Technical and Vocational Education and Training authority is implementing the long time, much needed technical education. For decades the Kenyan youth have been suffering from unemployment as a result of the philosophy of white collar jobs, a concept that had been propagated since the colonial days.

However this concept no longer holds. This is due to the fact that the economic dispensations and dynamics have tremendously changed over the years. The white collar jobs are no longer readily available as it were many years ago; neither are they the best-rewarding. This is partly due to the advance of technology and other disciplines which foster the dichotomous nature of technical Education and more often than not comes with a great reward.

By the dichotomous nature of technical training, it means that once the learner acquires the skills in whichever field of study he/she is able to apply them either in formal employment or in self-employment. The fact that learners can employ themselves and even hire others soon after graduating with the diploma or certificate, impacts the economy greatly by considerably reducing the rate of unemployment. 

Technical training fosters innovation and creativity in such a way that it unleashes the talent and unique abilities of the learner. This is achieved by the practical nature of training offered at this level, where learners are encouraged to practice the skills learnt and explore new horizons that challenge their potential as well as that of their colleagues.


KIPS Technical College remains committed to this course of availing as many technologists and technicians as well as innovators to the economy of the nation and beyond.

The institution is committed to quality by way of the systems and procedures it has put in place that work to ensure excellence in customer service.

The institution prides itself with a robust human resource asset with great experience and advanced qualifications. The infrastructure, the institution has put up has left many partners with compliments for the institution for the commitment to quality training. Co-curricular activities have not been left behind in the delivery of the core curriculum as recently the students took part in the drama festivals; have been engaging in friendly matches with various institutions and partners being facilitated by the college bus which affords the students a lot of convenience.

We have a favorable and friendly fees system which takes care of all levels of financial abilities for our students in a bid to walk with them in their journey towards achieving their dreams, in line with our vision of being the leading institution offering high quality and accessible technical and professional training.

We partner with various bodies among them TVETA, The Kenya National Examinations Council, City and Guilds, the Nutrition and Dieticians Council among others to ensure that the academic qualifications attained by our students are valid and acceptable across the board.

We remain committed as an institution to our mission of providing high quality and accessible training to the members of the society who aspire to acquire and improve skills relevant to the job market.