The courses in this school are intended to equip the trainee with knowledge, skills, and attitudes which are responsive to the challenging needs in the computing industry. The courses will allow the trainee to work in a salaried or self employment. The courses include general units such as entrepreneurship, communication skills and life management skills which help the learner to gain general understanding of enterprise management and business communication techniques.

General Objectives

During the course the trainee shall be exposed to the following core areas:

  • Computer maintenance and user support
  • Programming
  • Computer applications
  • Operating systems
  • Network and hardware support
Course Name Exam Body DURATION(months)
Craft Cert in ICT KNEC 12
Dip in ICT Mod I-III KNEC 6 each
Dip in Computer software Engineering C & G 12
Adv Dip in Computer software Eng. C & G 12