Technical courses have been offered in various institutions in Kenya from as early as the 1950s. Over the years, more technical institutions have been established to meet the growing demand for technical and vocational training.

The main idea behind technical courses is that firstly, they provide an opportunity for individuals who would otherwise not be absorbed into private and public universities. Even when individuals have attained the grades such as a C+ that would get them admitted in the university, technical institutions offer a cheaper opportunity to study various courses compared to the universities.

Secondly, technical courses are short term and they provide the knowledge and skills necessary for students to join employment directly. Besides, the certificate and diploma courses offer additional technical knowledge even to individuals who have already acquired some form of higher education such as a degree.

While out in the marketplace, people often realize a gap in the knowledge and skills needed for career development. It is not unusual for such people to join a technical institution for a specific course that will provide the knowledge they are looking for.

What is the difference between technical and vocational courses?

Technical courses provide the theory that students need to understand a specific area of study so that they can apply the knowledge at the workplace. On the other hand, vocational courses provide a practical application of skills throughout the course. Vocational courses include Hair Dressing and Beauty, Cosmetology, Carpentry & Joinery, Construction and Tailoring.

In Kenya, the number of technical courses offered in various institutions around the country has increased exponentially. Institutions are continuously introducing courses that meet the existing demands for skills in the workplace.

Students can practically get any course at a technical institution near them from engineering courses to Business Courses, Computer courses to Community Development, Food and Beverage, Media and Mass Communication, CPA, and Foreign languages.

Why you need to join KIPS Technical College

KIPS technical college is certainly one of your best choices for a technical institution that will put you on a sure path to success. We offer a wide range of technical courses in our various schools that include Business, Journalism, Health Sciences, ICT, Hospitality, Development Studies and Engineering. Each school has a selection of courses to choose from starting at certificate level and moving up to diploma and higher diploma levels.

To ensure that our students are qualified enough to join the workplace, all courses at KIPS are taught by highly qualified instructors. Additionally, our students are examined by recognized examination bodies including KNEC, IATA, ICM as well as our own institution.

Education is an investment and every student needs to get their money’s worth. At KIPS college, we go all out to not only offer competitive technical courses but also equip each of our students with superior knowledge and skills. We have excellent facilities, all well equipped for the various technical courses we offer.

The access to technical courses has become more convenient with the introduction of online registration and distance learning. Now, everybody has a fair chance at higher education through the wide selection of technical courses available in Kenya.