One of the questions facing many young people is what next after KCSE? The education journey is long and winding and you need to invest in the right kind of education that will be rewarding in the future.

The good news is that today, there are a range of options for higher education. Besides the universities, technical colleges have bridged the gap for most people who might have been stranded between completing high school and wanting to further their education.

A technical course from an accredited institution gives any individual significant competitive advantage in finding direct employment. Technical courses can be studied progressively from the certificate level to higher diploma level. Besides, getting your foundation for higher education at a technical institution allows you to advance to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

KIPS Technical College Offers you Options after KCSE

Once KCSE results are out, students may have an idea of what they want to study but there are those who might be completely clueless. The Kenya Institute of Professional Studies (KIPS Technical College) is always ready to embrace students fresh from high school and help you navigate your choices towards quality higher education.

Our doors are always open to students as they try to figure out what to study. We patiently take you through the various schools in our college from Journalism to Business, Hospitality to Engineering, ICT, Hair dressing and Health Sciences. We go further to help students explore their interests so that they can choose to study in an area that they wish to build a career.

Choosing the right technical college

If you are overwhelmed by the number of technical institutions in Kenya today, it is a totally understandable feeling. Almost every town and city now has several technical colleges that sometimes offer similar courses.

The first checkmark as you look for the best technical college should be that it is an accredited institution. Accreditation guarantees that you will be investing in a quality education, which means that you will gain the right skills and knowledge to gain employment. A proper technical college must also work with qualified and recognized examination bodies as well as have adequate facilities with which to deliver the various courses offered. KIPS technical college passes these tests and has emerged as one of the best technical colleges in Kenya.

Due to the availability of numerous technical colleges all around the country, perhaps one of the considerations as you choose your college should be convenience. There is no longer need to traverse across the country to access technical education when you can find an institution near you.

Technical colleges should be hailed as important institutions that have provided thousands of students with an otherwise elusive opportunity to transition from high school through college, and to employment. Often admitting students with grades starting from a D+ for certificate courses, technical colleges empower students to transcend the label of “failure” and instead make a success of their lives.

No matter where you are on the education scale, you have a chance to build a successful career through technical education. Therefore, if you are wondering what next after KCSE, KIPS technical college is where you should land next and we will put you on a path to employment and great success.