Fees & Scholarships

Billing & Financial Informaton

Tuition fee is paid termly. Students paying in installments should pay on or before 5th of every month. All fees be paid by thier due dates to assure the student’s place at the College.

Bank Details

Equity Bank
A/C No. 0470279538494
(Moi Avenue Branch)

Paybill Number: 822 930
Account Number: (Your Admission Number)

Payment Methods

Credit Cards

Choose Credit Card as your payment method. Enter your info as it appears in your credit card

Mobile Money

to access the Paypal mobile Money Service with M-pESA you need to use compatible browsers

Bank Deposit

deposit directly to our bank account and present the deposit slip

EMI from Banks

Enter your contract number and registered mobile number (RMN) to receive the OTP

Bank Cheques

Payment by cheque or bank transfer.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid and Scholarship Awards are used to pay for your tuitions, fees, and on-campus housing balance etc

Financial Aid

At KIPS, we at know that funding college education can be challenging to many families, but we are here to help. Through the Dean of Students’ office, we offer a variety of financial aid programs such as Loans, Work-Study and Bursaries programs to support our needy and deserving students.

Through the KIPS Foundation, needy students who meet additional criteria that may be set by the donor are able to secure educational loans such as HELB among others.

The Work-Study program is designed to give needy students an opportunity to work part-time within the college allowing them to earn money to help pay for expenses related to their education.

KIPS has partnered with government and non-governmental entities to support its students pursuing artisan, certificate and diploma courses.