KIPS Foundation is an independent private organization committed to empowering and capacity building trainees who join and go through KIPS Technical College. The foundation is anchored on three major pillars: Entrepreneurship which drives the economy and eradicate poverty, Mentorship and bridging the gap between the academic and the academic knowledge.

The foundation aims at improving the livelihoods of tomorrow and help the societies sow the ideas and grow the solutions to their most pressing issues. To do this, the foundation acknowledges the role of entrepreneurship and mentorship which are drivers of the daily economy in any society.


The foundation was born after identifying a huge gap in tertiary training levels. Many graduates lack tools of work to enable them implement what they study in the classroom. There are minimal employments opportunities in the current economy and the graduates find themselves tarmacking long. This can be either attributed to poverty from their background or lack of self-sufficient training.

To address this need, KIPS FOUNDATION becomes an ideal train that mentor and gives the mentees’ tools of work to translate theory to skills and skills to reality. The foundation operates on a revolving fund kit.