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Recognizing that well-balanced students are infinitely more prepared for life after college, KIPS offers opportunities for student involvement, for students to express themselves, contribute to their talents and develop new networks and relationships both on campus and in the community. KIPS Technical college offers various clubs and organizations which you can join. From nutrition clubs and organizations to sports clubs, and from Student Council to Mr. & Ms. KIPS, there is something for everyone.

Our annual Mr & Miss KIPS 2020

Investigative Journalist, Diploma in Journalism

Francis Odee-KIPS Alumni


We offer more than 15 different Sports and Recreation activities at our two campuses.  We recognise that  opportunities for involvement on a college campus can have many positive effects on students. One opportunity for students to become involved in …


The annual Mr. and Miss KIPS stives to as well bring college students together to not only compete, but also to serve.  The winners and their runner’s ups enjoy multiple opportunities that come with the Title Mr. and Miss KIPS..


The Student Council is the voice of the student body who serves to connect students and the administration. This  provide a platform for the student body to positively impact this College. We not only provide quality education to our students, but also give students an …


KIPS Technical College remains committed to this course of availing as many technologists and technicians as well as innovators to the economy of the nation and beyond. The institution is committed to quality by way of the systems and …


Industrial Attachments are an excellent way to help the student learn more about a career, find out what it’s like to work in your potential career, gain valuable experience to build your resume get to know…